Agiorgitiko - Meden Agan, Papantonis Winery, Nemea, Griekenland

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Meden Agan Agiorgitiko van Antonis Papantonis

Rijk van smaak, donker fruit, kers & braam, zacht kruidig, iets hout, vanille & laurier.
Als de wijn wat langer staat komen daar mooie tonen van koffie en donkere choco bij.
De wijn lijkt ook wat mee te veren met de gerechten, toont wat zachte peper bij pittige gerechten en wat aardse tonen bij vegetarische gerechten.
Uitstekend, iets avontuurlijk, glas wijn, mag ook nog ouderen.
Mooie prijs/kwaliteit.

Exclusively made from Agiorgitiko grapes, MEDEN AGAN (pronounced “mee-th`en `a-gan”) has a clear, dark ruby red color, characteristic of one of the most significant Greek red varieties. It has a velvety, soft round taste, with long finish on the palate and a fruity flavor. Its mature bouquet has touches of spices and dried nut, which mingle to perfection with the main scent of Agiorgitiko, the strawberries and the blackberries.
Vinification: Undergoes traditional red wine vinification process. It is aged in French Oak Barrels for one year and then left to age in the bottle for at least another year.

The name of this wine originates from the well known ancient Greek motto at the Oracle of Delphi meaning ‘nothing in excess’. Meden Agan is derived from the word ‘meden’ (meaning ‘zero, nothing’) and the adverb ‘agan’ (which translates to ‘excessively’). Meden Agan and Gnothi Safton (know thyself), the two maxims carved on the walls of the temple of Apollo at the Oracle, were two of the fundamental principles of the ancient Greek spirit.

Vivino:Oogstjaren 2018-2019 3.9-4.0

Wijn&spijs: Stevig aperitief met een hapje, rundvlees, wild met rijke sauzen, Mediterrane schotels en pittig vegetarische gerechten.

  • Druivenras: Agiorgitiko
  • Wijnhuis: Antonis Papantonis Winery
  • Wijnregio: Protected Designation of Origin Nemea
  • Inhoud: o,75L
  • Alcohol: 13,5%
  • Schenktemperatuur: 17-19 graden
  • Productiewijze: duurzaam

Antonis Papantonis was born in Athens in 1950.
After receiving his primary and secondary education in the Greek capital, he attended Hamilton College of Mason City (currently Kaplan University) in Iowa, USA, obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

He started his economist career in big construction corporations in Africa and Middle East and returned to Greece to continue it there. Being disillusioned though by the inner imbalance that the big-city, always-on-the-run life was making him feel, he decided to completely change course, and turn his attention to nature he always loved, the vines and the good wine.
He settled in Malandreni, a village near Argos, the hometown of his parents, and started cultivating vines. And so his winemaking journey began.

Daring, learning from mistakes, applying his cosmopolitan knowledge, paying tribute to the philosophical heritage of his homeland he treated with respect the local product he would be working with (Agiorgitiko and Rhoditis vines and grapes).
Along with his select team has always been trying to keep alive the soul of a product intewoven with local history, tradition and culture. Thus, viticulture and winemaking have been his life since 1979. He is a member of the board of E.N.O.A.P. (Association of the Wine Producers in Peloponnese) and member of Chaine des Rotisseurs.



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