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Armagnac Laberdolive

Alleen voor de zakelijke markt leveren wij via de WellofWine importorganisatie cognacs van het beroemde cognac huis A.E. Dor, de Whisky's van Michel Couvreur uit de Bourgogne, diverse Armagnacs van Laberdolive Domaine de Jaurrey en de prestigieuze Calvados van Lelouvrier

Laberdolive Terre-Bouc 12jr.
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Laberdolive Bas Armagnac met jaargang
keuze uit vele jaargangen tussen 1923 - 2001

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Laberdolive family

The history of Laberdolive stretches back five generations to Joseph Laberdolive. In 1866, he started selling Armagnac from his Domaine d’Escoubes in the tiny village of Larée. Things went well for him, and by 1893, he had enough capital to purchase the Domaine de Jaurrey, a property near the town of Labastide in the Landes department.
Later generations built upon this strong foundation and in 1956, Gerard Laberdolive acquired the Domaine de Pillon across the road from de Jaurrey. This purchase was followed in 1963 by the purchase of the domaine directly next to Domaine de Jaurrey. As the soils were the same, this domaine was combined with the holdings of de Jaurrey. To say the least, the Laberdolive generations have not rested as their land and reputation grew.
The French President Jacques Chirac also famously brought along a 1972 vintage for a state visit to China.
Laberdolive under the watch of Gerard was at its largest– there were a total of 104 acres of vines cultivated at the three domaines.

When Gerard died, the domaine properties were split amongst his children, with Pierre taking stewardship of Jaurrey and Pillon and his sister taking the original d’Escoubes.
She married and subsequently sold the Domaine d’Escoubes after what we can glean as a bit of a family row.

Today, Pierre Laberdolive farms 62 acres of vineyards, next to and across the road from the family home.
Domaine de Jaurrey’s 20 acres is planted mostly with Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc while across the road Domaine de Pillon’s 42 acres is mostly Bacco. At Jaurrey there is still some quite rare ungrafted Folle Blanche that is over 60 years old.

As we mentioned in the intro, Laberdolive has a way of being compared to other benchmark vinous products of France. It is worth noting that while most great wine is heralded as being picked at the perfect moment of ripeness, this is not the case with Armagnac production.
Most of the grapes come into the winery a little under-ripe at around 10% alcohol by volume. It could be stated that the majesty of Armagnac happens not in the fields, but the cellar. At Laberdolive, Pierre tends one of two stills in an outbuilding separate from the family’s house. One of these stills is fired by wood (quite a rarity these days) and the resulting spirit generally exits the still at 53% ABV. From there the spirit is aged for three years in new 430 liter oak barrels before being transferred to older oak for the rest of its maturation.
The barrels are made by a Bordeaux cooper with wood from Laberdolive’s own oak trees. Barrels are topped up to prevent too much evaporation using the same domaine and vintage year.

Laberdolive is a bit of a traditionalist and they do not use any of the approved additives, even forgoing the use of water.
The family has about 800 barrels at any point in time, and they are unique in that they will generally not let their spirit remain in the barrel for longer than thirty years.
The spirit is transferred to glass demi-johns which stops its further evolution. 
Pierre says about Armagnac “It’s liveliness, its display of power without noticeable burn, the harmony between oak, tannin and length. The aromas are secondary, yet those are the things that give pleasure when one sits with the glass in hand.”

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