Romeiko, Syrah - MRS - Manousakis Winery , Kreta, Griekenland

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"Manousakis, Romeiko, Syrah" - MRS. 17  - Kreta                    

Het verhaal wil dat deze wijn als volgt bedoeld is..
” Enjoy this wine after you have made dinner for your MRS, done the laundry, clean the garage and put the kids to sleep”

De wijn is een blend van de lokale Romeiko druif met Syrah. Samen vormen ze een fluwelen balans.
In het glas mooi robijnrood gekleurd met aroma’s van rood fruit zoals kersen, aardbeien en rode bessen, kruidige tonen en wat vanille. Medium body, rijk van smaak met veel fruit, fijne kruidigheid, zachte tannines en wat invloeden van een korte periode rijping in eiken vaten

De wijnmaker schrijft:
Dry red wine with aromas of black berries, cranberry and some nutty character. Medium bodied wine with gentle acidity, rounded tannin's, and lots of ripe dark berries with some vanilla notes. 

Vivino: 3.8/5.0

Wijn&spijs: "Easy to drink", aperitief, rijke gerechten met rundvlees, Griekse vleesgerechten, Hollandse stampot, stoofschotels, Mediterrane gerechten en pittig vegetarische.

Overzicht Griekse wijnen

  • Druivenras: Romeiko ca. 30%, Syrah 70%
  • Wijnhuis: Manousakis Winery
  • Wijnregio: Kreta
  • Inhoud: 0,75L
  • Alcohol: 14,0%
  • Schenktemperatuur: 17-19 graden
  • Productiewijze: Biologisch

Alexandra Manousakis:
Over the millennia the Lefka Ori Mountains of Western Crete have absorbed the quiet life cycle for thousands of the island’s native flora. When you walk these mountains in the spring it takes you on a sensory adventure filled with the scents of rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender, and chamomile. In the fall, they descend back to the soil and are absorbed and thus the quiet life cycle continues. 

My name is Alexandra and I am the youngest daughter of Ted Manousakis, the owner and founder of Manousakis Winery. My father was born in the village of Vatolakkos in 1943 and left his village eleven years later, following the journey many Greeks were making, to America.  For an enterprising young man, the possibilities were endless. 

After university, my dad was successful in a number of business endeavors including industrial security, real estate development, and hospitality. However, success came at a price: the near loss of his Cretan heritage. Nostos is the greek meaning of “yearning to come home” and this propelled my Dad to the land of his birth. He wanted to be more than a mere visitor, he wanted to give something back to the island that he loved. Making wine is a strong tradition in Crete and wine was a way of life in Vatolakkos and filled his boyhood memories. There was no better way to pay homage to those traditions and bring people together to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Soil, sun, weather conditions and yearning converged to perfection and gave birth to Manousakis Winery and the first vineyards were planted in 1993. Fourteen years later, I had the same desire as my father, to be more than a mere visitor in my ancestral home.

My passion for our winery and my dad’s legacy has driven me to strengthen the enterprise into a treasure to be handed down generation to generation.  We have taken our winery from the small vineyard nestled in the foothills of the mountains to the beautiful thriving winery we are so proud for you to visit. Our philosophy here at the Manousakis Winery is simple. We believe in carefully and organically cultivating our vines to absorb this scent-filled terroir so the flavors of the grapes combine with the herbs for an incomparable taste. Each bottle of Nostos Wines captures the character of this verdant island, and the slopes of the Lefka Ori.

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